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obama will be touring new jersey's devastated coast with republican ghuf chris christie. tracie potts has the latest on that from washington. good morning to you. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. less than one week from the election, governor romney is cautiously venturing back out on to the campaign trail. president obama still focused on the storm. today the campaign is back on. sort of. paul ryan has rallies in wisconsin, the vice president in florida, avoiding questions about fema. >> and i pleerappreciate your n generosity. >> president obama is not back on the campaign trail until tomorrow, he's still dealing with sandy's after math. >> i told the mayors and governors if it they're getting no for an answer somewhere in the federal government, they can call me personally at the white house. >> reporter: today the president visits new jersey where six days before the election, he got a pat on the back from republican rival governor chris christie. >> the president has been outstanding about this. i don't give a damn about election day. >> i don't think anybody thought much about
of obama claiming that he has inherited such a pathetic economy, blaming everything on the republicans. the head of the house financial committee, chris dodd was head the senate banking committee. fannie mae and freddie mac, that was obama. bush went to congress to pass making these loans because they were financially risky for america. >> i think he is right about one thing. i think the meltdown was certainly caused making these loans by the housig bubble. it was done a great disservice by the congress in encouraging lending to those individuals that either did not have sufficient downpayment or did not have the wherewithal to guarantee that they would be able to pay back the loans. it created a house in bubble -- that did start at the end of the bush administration. for years past the start of the obama administration, we have addressed concerns. the economy has not improved to the degree >> this is horrible to give to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. we cannot continue on with these tax policies. >> one more call from you. >> good morning. i wanted to make a ver
is still in the spotlight today with nine laektdal votes. the state went for obama in 2008 but went republican in 2004. right now early voting shows republicans with an advantage. that could be key because if you look back at 2008, nearly 80% of colorado voters cast their votes before election day. candidates are focuses efforts here. the president held a rally in boulder yesterday. he'll be back on sunday, and mitt romney is here tomorrow. colorado was the site of the first presidential candidate where romney came out the victor. can he do the same on tuesday? i have colorado going blue on my map. >> all right, lady. >> i think there's two pieces of silver lining here for romney, aside from that early voting statistic we just discussed. colorado has a largish mormon population and they've been busing mormons in actually to work on romney's ground game. that could help. the jobless rate is not great in colorado. na might make mitt's message more effective. i'm sure i referenced this book before, the blueprint, that chronicles the five years colorado flipped from blue to red in time
is supposed to be a lock for president obama. the last time a republican won was 1988. but they elected pat toomey to the senate in 2010, elected a republican governor, 12 of the last 20 seats in the house are republican and they feel they have a shot and want to expand the electoral map with 20 electoral votes. they think they can do well in affluent suburban, philadelphia and even take a shot in allegheny county which has not gone republican since 1972 >> can't be good news for the obama campaign? >> no, it is not good news for the obama campaign. they are defending seats. all these battleground states that we are talking about, you know, he won pennsylvania by 681,000 votes, 10% points. he should be trying, the president, expanding rather than defending but all they care about is winning at least by one vote to get all the electoral votes in that state. >> in 2000, i was in florida in west palm beach watching as they counted hanging chads. won't be quite as bad this time in ohio but ohio is a mess. >> ohio, i just don't see how you and i are going to be able and the rest of fox 5 to talk
will be bipartisan. i can't help but want to point out that the republicans for the entirety of obama's term have said no, n >>> good morning. this is live hurricane sandy update. sandy is a huge hurricane taking a turn to the north and bringing in heavy rain on the eastern shore. southeastern virginia from the carolinas all the way to new jersey. it's going to continue to track off to the north for another few hour and then turn northwest later today. 8 p.m. monday it will be off the atlantic seaboard. brings it ashore midnight tonight. eastern shore is pounded with wind and rain. peak winds 45 miles an hour along the coast. this heavier rain is just about to cross the bay coming toward the metro area later this morning. right now we are getting some steady light to moderate rain in the metro area. we a flood watch in effect five to even the inches of rain through the counties in green, already flood warning for frederick county. we are back with news 4 today starting at 4 a. it's the reason why you don't hear the larger message, because he can't do it. >> david, i disagree with your premise,
president obama. what does this say about the republican party? isn't this getting to be somewhat of a brand of the republican party? >> i think it was an unfortunate slip of words, but you're insinuating something that is absolutely accurate. my party, unfortunately, is the of those people who are still basing their decision on race. let me be candid. my party is full of racists. the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants president obama out of the white house has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence, and everything to do with the color of his skin. and that's despicable. >> what does it say about mitt romney to allow john sununu to slip away with this without repurr cushion whatsoever? >> it says that mitt romney will use any tactic whatsoever to win the white house. >> colonel lawrence wilkerson, great to have you with us. i appreciate your candor so much. thank you for visiting with us tonight. >>> this isn't the first time that john sununu has engaged in race baiting. why does the romney campaign keep using this guy as a surrog
with his party's philosophy, and you like the agenda that republicans have been pushing in the obama era. a bad reason to vote for mitt romney would be, because you think the republican party has become too extreme and needs to move to the middle. i think this should be self-evident, but apparently, it's not. in the past few weeks, i have heard a number of people who are in the middle of the road politically say they have started to support romney, not because they like today's republican party, but because they think he's different from it. one that's on my mind this week is "the des moines register's" endorsement of romney. it made national news. iowa's a key state and "the register" doesn't usually back republicans. the paper's rationale, because he worked with democrat when he was governor of massachusetts, and therefore, will do the same if he's elected president. i think that's the wrong way to think about a romney presidency, though. because if you want to know how he'd govern, all you really need to know is which party he represents today. and that would be the republican party.
. if obama wins re-election, obama is going to be negotiating with probably a republican house and with probably a democratic-controlled senate but a senate where there will be more than 40 republicans who could full filibuster. now if murdoch wins then every republican in the united states senate will be terrified of a primary from a murdoch type, they won't do a thing to compromise with the president. but if murdoch loses then a lot of republicans in the united states senate are going to say well, that kind of tea party politics doesn't work. i can repel such a challenge, and that gives them a little bit more room to maneuver and compromise with the president. i think that's really the most important senate race. >> eliot: michael, i think that is exquisitely important analysis and exactly right. which way the republican party leans after next tuesday does it determine it needs to cut back to the middle and negotiate? or does it feel that the tea party is exactly the most important question of how congress acts and whether or not the president gets things done over the next c
president obama had a comment you didn't build that, and the republicans lost their mind. let's remind you. >> obama: somebody helped to create this unbelievable system that we have to help you thrive. somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> cenk: well, after sandy, when you talk about the jersey shore or a lot of other places, you can fairly say you didn't rebuild that. the federal government will re rebuild that. will the republicans say hey i don't want the money? dowill he say i don't want the federal help? hell no. do you remember when he ran this against obama. >> if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company? through hard work we built this business. why are you demonizing us. we need someone who believes in america. >> cenk: you see, that was the whole point. no one was demonizing anybody. president obama was saying we work together to build things, and sometimes to rebuild things. and t
. >> i am an obama supporter. i voted for him in 2008, and the republicans gave him a mountain of debt when he went in and gave him a little shovel to clean it up with, and he has not done it the way they thought he should have done it and could not have done it in four years, and i every with bill clinton. nobody could have clean this mess up after what they left, but this man stands for what he says, and romney does not know what he stands for. one day he is for something, and the next day he is for something different. he will tell us his plan after he gets in office. >> we have a caller from the nation's capital of washington, d.c. you are supporting mitt romney. why is that? >> i am a democrat, but i have been disappointed. i think romney has a global economic perspective that will be good for the united states. i think he has demanded respect. i say he is incredibly successful, and i do not think he has gotten the respect he deserves, and i think what the president tried to do has not worked. >> up next, macon, ga., a romney supporter. what you have to say? >> i believe president
with this. this is according to the senate republicans. jobs created over the four years by president obama, four years. 194,000 jobs. give you that. 194,000. people added to the food lines, food stampers, new food stampers, 14.7 million new people. 75 times more people went on food lines than got jobs. >> andrea: is that frown bob's face? it looks like beckel. >> eric: if you think this will get you re-elected and you want four more years, good luck. >> bob: there is 25 straight month of employment increases. you continue to say we can't blame bush for what is going on now, but we can in three months they lost 3 million jo jobs. >> dana: god. okay. look -- >> bob: true or not? >> dana: everything has to go back -- it's just -- i'm annoyed. 4 million fewer jobs than projected in 2009. slowest jobs recovery in history. less full-time work. another problem compounded with obamacare if not repealed. seven time more people dropping out than new employees. absolutely on the plus side of the ledger, they have been adding jobs but not enough to keep up with the population. not enough to sustain a
the video. >> andrea: or who can't pray. a lot of republicans running against the obama agenda. guess who sales? kimberly strassal combat democrats are running from the president. he is radioactive. the best line sums it up like this. she says the battle for senate control is proving just as hard-fought as the one for the presidency. though, with one notable difference. president obama is making the case for himself. senate democratic candidates are making the case against him. next wednesday, senate majority leader harry reid remains top dog it will be because many democratic candidates won by running as republicans. bob carey in nebraska saying the president committed terrible mistakes including intelligence leaks. john tester saying he has an ad bragging he voted against the bail-out and auto industry and says he took on the obama administration. a lot of democrats if they win is because they ran against the president. bad sign. >> bob: they ran against him in two con seventive states -- conservative states. >> andrea: 15 seats up for grabs. >> bob: i haven't seen one democrat who isn'
.president obama scrapped planssto hold thrre former preeident bill clinton...insteaa....he'll &ponly attend a morniig rally i florida... then head back to the d-c to monitor sandy. republican candiddte mitt caacellations could be on the way. the new york stock exchange is closed as aaresuut of building has to shut down newwyork city. tte asdaq has also announceddit will halt trading odayy sandy has also dimmed the lights on broadway.the leaaue of american theaters and producerssdecided yesterday to through toniggt... as neewyork braces forrthe hurriccne. officials allo ssid that they oo theater employees and pattons... since all public transportationnhas been shut down. 3 3 3 3 33 3 33 3 tracking the big storm. 3&phurricane sandy is bearinn ddwn on our area. areaamegan gilliland is live in fells point... where they're bracinggfor flooding... and joel d. smith is livv at the b-g-e staging
. >> meantime, president obama says he wants to work with congressional republicans to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff that would trigger tax hikes and spending cuts. two short months from now. >>> so, also new this morning, we have president obama picking up another endorsement, though not unexpected. this one coming from the chicago tribune. mitt romney and paul ryan made a joint appearance last night in the battleground state of ohio. >> not just picking a president for four years, we're picking what kind of country we're going to be. what kind of people we're going to be. what kind of country we're going to give to our kids. >> we want real change. we want big change. and paul ryan and i are going to give it to the people of america with your help. >> on the campaign trail today, mitt romney is holding three events in florida, with senator marco rubio, paul ryan's bus tour is crisscrossing ohio. president obama visits new hampshire this afternoon. and vice president biden will attend a rally in lynchburg, virginia. let's get right to it. nbc's mike viqueira is joining us from t
for republicans. go ahead, nicki. >> i want to say i'm for romney this year. i gave obama a chance for years and he's gotten worse. i'm not racist. everybody keeps saying he's half black and half white. but this ain't got nothing do with parties or race or anything. it's got something to do with the country. >> you voted for the president in 2008. you say you will not vote for him in 2012. what's the difference between then and now. >> well, look at the economy. >> all right, we will leave it there. the economy, gideon moore, you get the last word. >> i think she makes a great point in terms of looking at the fact is that the difference between 2008 and 2012 is that obama did not have a record to run on in 2008. he ran on some very strong promises, some strong rhetoric. he didn't deliver on those. now moving into the future, look at the record of what he's delivered and i think a lot of americans and a lot of north carolinaens are coming to the realization he's not the man for the job to lead us for the next four years and that mitt romney is. >> gideon moore is the chairman of the mecklenbu
. republican presidential candidate mitt romney has broadened his attack on a barack obama's auto industry restructuring, implying a general motors used aid to hire more workers in china than the united states. it goes on to say that gm quickly defended its performance and said that romney is wrong on this. and here is the wall street journal on that story. even as mr. romney and mr. obama canceled a political appearances tuesday, the two campaigns -- escalated a heated exchange over mitt romney suggestion that the president also bailout had benefited china. he returned to pennsylvania in hopes of returning the momentum. the story wall street journal goes on to talk about that many have come out including those in the auto industry to say that the governor was wrong on this ad, that he is running in the state of ohio. we will talk about that more in about 10 minutes when reid wilson of the hot line joins us to talk about october surprises and all things campaign 2012. democratic caller, go ahead. caller: i think one of the things people are not realizing , and people who think the global w
a long time ago. the obama camp says that's only because republicans are spending money in those states as a hail mary thinking they can wrest away those battle ground *. david axlerod said he will shave off his mustache if romney wins the battle ground states. we know jay carney and the rest of the white house staff are doing this for superstition. will david axlerod shave after the election? megyn: men are weird. >> reporter: don't get me started. the thing about the bomber jacket. barack obama commander-in-chief. governor christie wears that fleece that says chris christie, governor. do they need that? >> reporter: is there anybody that don't know chris christie is the governor? megyn: or obama is the president? >> reporter: you should get one that says anchor. megyn: they will say who cares. when the president speaks later today we are told he will use a moderate positive message in these final five days. taking a kinder, jernlter approach you might say. but with such a short amount of time is this too little too late for a campaign that's been criticized for its harsh attacks on go
will be repealed at some point in time. some people believe if president obama wins, house stays republican and the senate leans more republican. we're more likely to get a grand bargain on deficit reduction because the president will be more likely to make a deal for 2014 and 2016. they can't spend the next four years not doing anything about the deficit. we could see a deal to reduce the budget deficit and that would be a net positive for all the financial markets if that happens. but if the republicans were to run the table, you would see a pretty big rally on wall street. >> if president obama stays in office, do you think we'll take another peek at the american jobs act? >> i certainly think that's something the president is going to bring to the table. and perhaps that could be part of a bargain around the debt ceiling. one thing we've heard a lot of talk about, not so much from the white house although they've suggested they're open to it, is some sort of extension not to the payroll tax cut, but something like that. and, actually, just from the economics -- >> which is the only thin
the republican that has wiped out almost all of obama's margin of victory in the early voting or the number of absentee ballots cast for requested. he says, look the democrats 531,000 votes have already been cast or absentee ballots requested or cast. he says that is down 181,000 from four years ago. republicans, 448,000. they are not doing as well as the democrats, but they are doing better than four years ago. the democrats are doing worse enough in ohio and the republicans are doing better enough in ohio that the republicans have wiped out the margin of victory president obama had there four years ago. your thoughts on that? >> my thought on that is it's going to be a late night on tuesday. ohio is going down to the wire just like the rest of the country. on the decision desk we will have our green eye shades on prepared to tell you the latest. the latest will probably be pretty late. megyn: before i let you go any chance all this stuff we're hearing about power outages, them having to move certain election places, you know, two-thirds, some really high number of voting places now have e
well, it's a republican saying this and we've heard that a few times now. >> but what the obama campaign believes is any excuse to bring this up sways women toward them. i've talked to so many women voters where they do feel tugged in two different directions. maybe they do feel they are leaning toward romney because of the economy but if you get them thinking about adorgs and the social issues, then they lean back toward obama. so if they can just make these women voters have that issue at the top of their minds instead of the economy, that's what's going to sway them. gwen: here's an issue that's not on the top of anyone's mind. even though it was the subject of the final foreign policy debate, which was this week though it feels like it was months ago. at the end it was clear both had a strategy goinging in and it had very little to do with talking about the u.s. foreign policy. >> right. there was the expected clash of world views. romney has been bush -- pushing the idea of american exceptionalism, the very muscular view of foreign policy, pushing, and right down the line ,
john king say. republicans will tell you this is the obama campaign's one trick pony but when you're on the ground in ohio talking to voters, it is something that really matters to them. one in eight jobs tied to the auto industry. >> yeah. jim, romney's speech today was described as a major speech on the economy. didn't seem like there was a lot of specifics in there. but i lost count of how many times i heard him use the word change. >> that's right. they did everything but play the song "don't stop thinking about tomorrow" going back to the bill clinton days. yes, he is talking about change, he's casting himself as the change candidate and i think that is why they went out to iowa today, not to unveil any new economic proposals. you don't really do that in the final stage of a campaign. what they wanted to do was talk about this message that they unveiled yesterday here in ohio and that he is the candidate of not just change, but big change as he likes to say on the campaign trail. >> in terms of weather, brianna, have there been any changes to the president's schedule next wee
there are 360,000 more high propensity republican voters, they far outnumber what obama has to turn out. furthermore, in the last election, 2008, 300,000 evangelicals did not turn out and obama won by, what, 260,000. there's all sorts of reasons. let me say something about the ground game. that's what -- this is my tenth presidential race. i started on the ground game. my first job, i was the butt end of an elephant in lincoln day parade. i know about the ground game. at some point, every time you ask the obama people what's so great about their ground game, they tell you how many offices they have. there's a rate of diminishing return. there's only so many voters that turn out. there's only so many phone calls you can make. if you don't have -- if they're not turning out for anything, then it doesn't matter how good your ground game is. our ground game is completely effective and it's proved itself over and over in the midterm elections. it is true what james is saying, they have this new microtargeting having your high school girlfriend call you or some of your twitter friends or some
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hampshire. i would say the republicans are talking of a good ground game, but the reality is the obama ground game is much better, and that will be a crucial factor when obama wins here next tuesday. host: given that obama won the state in 2008 by nine percentage points, and the economy is not that bad in new hampshire compared to other states, why is the race so close for the president? guest: new hampshire is typically a swing state. go back and look at the races in 2000 and 2004, they were very close. 2008 the president did win going away. mitt romney is someone who was governor of massachusetts. he has been keenly -- campaigning here really for six years because he ran in 2008 and lost. did not take too much time before you started appearing here again. what is really surprising is he is not been able to close the deal with the picture voters, and they're still backing president obama. if you look at the polls, on average, the president is winning. he has maintained a small but steady lead. i think this year you will see a number similar to what we had in 2004 and not so much in 20
romney saying we should privatize everything including fema and barack obama working with even republican governors like chris christie on a federal relief effort. that's a huge talisman for what you believe the proper role of government is in society and i believe this will show that the president's right and people look at this in ohio and swing states. >> not the only very stark difference between the two of them. the latest obviously being sandy and bringing the attention on romney and fema. he was asked yesterday multiple times what he would do with fema. did not answer. but just a short time ago jeb bush commented on local officials responding to disasters versus national or federal response. i'll play that but i want to play something else first. romney on the campaign trail today trying to transition, rachel, from holding off or holding fires to acknowledging the ongoing events of the day on the ground of new jersey. let me play it. >> we love all of our fellow citizens. we come together in times like this and we want to make sure that they have a speedy and quick recovery. now, p
the obama campaign 2 to 1. fred, nobody, no republican has won pennsylvania since 1988 in a presidential contest. of course, the romney campaign thinks with the polls tightening up they have a chance. take a look at this. you mentioned the polg eed the . a four point advantage in the president. that is within the sampling area. president obama had a bigger lead here in pennsylvania just a few weeks ago. fred? >> so, paul, is that feeling that the ads have helped the mitt romney campaign kind of put themselves over the top or at least near the top? >> reporter: this state got no attention in the presidential contest until the last week or two. you know what? the obama campaign says that the romney campaign is doing this out of desperation. this is a last-minute bid to try to win pennsylvania because the obama campaign says the romney campaign is not doing well in ohio, in other states like wisconsin and iowa. romney campaign says, no, not at all. we're making this last minute pitch because we think we can broaden the map. but you know, four years ago we saw john mccain and sarah palin com
committee. >> people watching this store store may be wondering. now the obama team is asking for patience on the libya investigation. republicans are short on patience, what can you tell us? senator graham said there is a reason why the obama administration is not providing more details and answers on the libya attack. >> they don't want the truth to come out about benghazi, libya because if it comes out and crystal clear to the american people. it would show a failure of leadership by president obama. >> the obama campaign said they want to wait until the review board 99s the investigation before making assessment about the attack. the president is clear and our record showed it and as information became available we made it available to the american people it is it a tragedy and it is not time for politicizing the tragedy. >> the state department reports that it will be finished in december. >> thank you very much. >> it is it an all out sprint to election day. governor romney can vancing the state that could decoid the winner. nominees are pulling out stop to sway undecided voters. pre
of investing in america that president obama is now doing, works for us economically. if the republicans want to stand off in the background examiand , that speaks to where they are, but it doesn't say much to the american people. >> there's an article that matt bye wrote in the "new york times" that says bill clinton may have hurt the president's campaign by advising him the best way to go after mitt romney was to hang the sign of severe conservative around his neck. he should sell a romney presidency as a third term of george w. bush. would you agree with that line of attack has not worked? >> not only do i not agree with that line of aattack. look at conversations we're having. listen to what voters tell us. look at ohio where the fact mitt romney was against the auto bailout, that mitt romney writes an article and says let detroit go interrupt, that's a severely conservative position. the fact mitt romney said he wanted to see roe vs. wade overternove overturned, that's a seriously conservative position. the fact that is they're severely conservative and far away from where the majority o
and remember marginal obama states and usually republican. and that bringings you up to 204 and then you have florida, colorado and virginia. where the poems that i seen all show romney ahead. by reasonable margins 3-6 points and i think we have those three states. and that is 51 votes and that is to 255. and now he needs 270 to win and needs 15 extra votes and that will not be hard to do. there are eightitates with a combination of 98 electoral votes that are in the middle and in all of those they are in one or two points of each other. new hampshire contrary to the real politics average. recent and good polling shows romney two or three ahead . pennsylvania 20 votes where it shows mitt romney three ahead and ohio 18. tied . wisconsin 10, tied and michigan 15. they are tided. and minnesota 16 and obama is ahead by three . nevada 9. obama ahead by two. and iowa 6 they are tied. he's going to win at least 15 votes from the states and probably more like 45 or 50. and i think romney is on track to a significant victory and i think when we look back at this we will wonder why we thought it was so
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